Higgs Boson confirmed and peer-reviewed

The long sought after Higgs Boson which is responsible for mass, a fundamental property of all particles, has today been officially confirmed with an appearance in the peer-reviewed journal Physics Letters B. This concludes a search undertaken by experimental and theoretical particle physicists since Peter Higgs prediction of the bosons existence in the 1960’s.

It is the last puzzle piece in the standard model of particle physics which has successfully predicted all the particles known to exist today, 6 quarks, 6 leptons, their antimatter twins and a number of force carrying bosons. The Higgs Boson which was preliminarily announced to have been found back on July 31st 2012 is said to propagate through a field called the Higgs field. When massless particles move through this Higgs field the bosons cause what can be analogous to friction upon the particles, this gives the particles a potential energy and by Einstein’s world famous equation (e=mc^2), mass.

Although this could seem like the end of a long road  it could be just the beginning, it has long been known that the standard model could no longer be complete. Dark Matter which is believed to make up 84% of all conventional matter in the universe has yet to be directly observed, although the indirect observations can be seen in gravitational lensing and galaxies radial velocity curves, if this were to be found as a particle then the standard model may have to be replaced by a more complete theory.


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