The Solvay Conference 1927 recoloured

In October 1927 the best minds in physics at the time met to discuss the new development that was Quantum Mechanics. The iconic picture of these great scientists taken during the conference has recently been remastered using new Photoshop software into original colours. This breathtaking new spin on the picture gives us a feel of early 20th century physics in a completely new way.

17 of the 29 attendees already had or went on to win the Nobel prize for Physics. At the conference in question an argument erupted between Einstein and Bohr over the idea of the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle. This principle states that you cannot know a particles position and momentum absolutely. The more you know about one property the less you can be certain of the other:


Even though Einstein’s discovery of the photoelectric effect showed that light had a duality between waves and particles and went on to win him the Nobel prize he was never convinced of the idea behind Quantum Mechanics. He believed as many classical physicists did that if nature could only be predicted and not known in definite then the whole concept of physical law breaks down.

Click below to see the full and high definition version:


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sean says:

    The quality of that image is fantastic, much better than any version I have ever seen before.

    1. paulcarter92 says:

      It is very impressive isn’t it! The colour adds a new dynamic to the picture, I find Heisenberg’s expression rather disturbing though…

  2. Thanks so much for following sciencesprings. I really appreciate it.

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