Welcome to Physics Horizon

Physics is the most fundamental of the sciences, embracing the entire universe and trying to make it plausible to the human mind. The road to a theory of everything is a dynamic and challenging feat it encompasses from fundamental particles to an entire multiverse. This news blog has been designed to keep track of all the big scientific discoveries and news stories.

A bit about the publisher, my name is Paul Carter I am a undergraduate student at the University of Birmingham studying for a MSci Physics and Astrophysics. I am on the committee for the Astronomical Society (AstroSoc – http://www.facebook.com/UoBAstrosoc)  as the Webmaster and Publicity Officer. I have always enjoyed sharing the ideas of physics and astronomy with everyone and with the blog I have the chance to keep everyone up to date on all the greatest discoveries and theories.

I hope you enjoy my blog if there are any queries then email me at: carterpaulmichael@hotmail.com.


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