NASA back into space in 2017

Over the last few hours it has been announced that following the termination of the Space Shuttle program the US will begin shuttling astronauts into space again in 2017. Although this was to be expected what is a change is that the new deal is that both Boeing and SpaceX as private space companies will be shuttling in a new deal with an impressive $6.4bn contract.

This is just the latest chapter in the movement of space exploration from Government funded to privately. It seems likely that in the future it will continue to be the multi-billionaires who will push our civilization further into the cosmos. Although saddening that it is no longer a countries government  who control the exploration, it is also perhaps one of the most exciting developments. It is exhilarating to think that we now live in a world that one man with enough money and a dream of the stars will be able to push space exploration further. This will also hopefully means faster space exploration development by billionaires with the funds who do not need to consider other political limitations.

In my own personal view the growth of privately funded space companies will introduce a golden age for space exploration over the coming decades.

The interior of SpaceX’s Dragon v2 spacecraft … sci-fi nerdvana and the future of Space Exploration!


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