Undergraduate Life: High Altitude Balloons

During my degree I have been heavily involved with the University of Birmingham Astronomical Society and one of the major projects which has occurred whilst I have been at university has been the launch of a series of high altitude balloons. These balloons are massive and filled with a large amount of helium. The first we launched had a fault with the mechanism which kept the balloon full. It therefore only made it a few kilometres up in the sky before it dropped back down but not before it gave us some lovely images. The second launch was far more successful and managed to reach an altitude of 38km’s into the atmosphere. From this height you are sitting near to the edge of space and are able to see the curvature of the Earth below. Below are some of the images we captured during both launches.

The project captured some beautiful images and we are hoping to carry it on next year!


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    1. Thanks very much it was a lot of fun to do! Thanks for following I enjoy your blog too and have followed!

  1. tastehitch says:

    Just stunning. Looked like a great day for it as well!

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