Undergraduate Life: Observing the Moon

For my 18th birthday just under 4 years ago I was given a 6″ Celestron Newtonian Reflector telescope. Over the years I have had a few observing sessions and every so often when the sky is clear enough have attempted some astrophotography. Below are some of the photos I have taken of an observing session of the Moon, my aim will be to do more observing and photography soon:

167388_492469612871_7635992_n 167695_492469542871_4246036_n 168176_492543227871_6711474_n 168609_492469742871_4910719_n 168920_492562627871_5188029_n

With AstroSoc as well we always endeavor to do some observing after our meetings and below are some of the images taken by our members. Most of these were taken with the societies 10″ Newtonian Reflector;

Saturn and rings

Jupiter and Galilean Moons

Stacked image of the Orion Nebula


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  1. lauramacky says:

    Those are great! There is a pro golfer who does astro photography and it is amazing!

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