How to make an Invisibility Cloak

For many years there have been a number of theories of how to achieve cloaking through different branches of Physics. At the University of Rochester they have succeeded in producing an effective multi-directional cloak out of a series of 4 readily available lenses.

This has very exciting implications as it would mean that anyone can set this up for less than £100. In fact given that the only limitation is how large the optics ca be made you could see a series of lens walls being made to conceal sections of a room!

The principle of invisibility is now available to everyone so let your mind go wild on ideas of magic tricks and uses for the cloaking system.

A guide of how to set up this cloaking system has been released here.

The process is suprisingly simple and only requires minimal calculations based around the corresponding focal lengths of the lenses. I will be trying to borrow a few lenses from my department next week to give this experiment a go –  will post a video on the wesbite!



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