PhD Researcher

at the

Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, Portsmouth.


 Graduated with MSci Physics and Astrophysics, Class I
University of Birmingham 

Physics Horizon was founded in September 2012 on WordPress. It was designed to educate the public and offer a single place to obtain the latest advances in understanding our physical universe. Since the origins of the site it has been used by over 4,000 people from 100 different countries.

Born on the 27th November 1992 at Poole in Dorset and was educated at Corfe Hills School. From a young age I have had a keen interest in ancient history. This later developed into an obsession about the origins and workings of the universe.

Aiming towards pursuing a career as a professional astrophysicist/cosmologist. During my degree I have learnt about the entire spectrum of physical phenomena and have been involved in highly technical projects. In Summer 2014 I worked on a project with the international Local Clusters Substructure Survey (LoCuSS) collaboration. Following graduation I embarked upon a PhD in Cosmology and Gravitation at the ICG, University of Portsmouth.

Following my work with the University of Birmingham Astronomical Society for which I was the 2014/15 Chair, I was awarded life membership.




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  1. Jonathon Pearce says:


    Closer to home but essentially the same methods but looking down at earth rather than outwards…


    1. Very interesting article! Great to see that earth mapping is still throwing up unknown suprises. A lot more to discover in the big blue!

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